Air Duct Cleaning Playa del Rey: Breathe Clean Air With Our Organic Cleaning Services

The U.S. is grappling with respiratory disorders, and asthma seems to be afflicting many adults and children. There are about 18.7 million adults and 6.8 million children currently coping with asthma in the U.S., according to the CDC. Air pollution is one of the major causes of asthma. So you would expect your home to be a clean environment that does not have triggers and allergens to bring about an asthma attack.

You will be surprised to hear that the air duct system is one of the biggest sources of allergens. It will be filled with dust bunnies, pollen, mold spores, dirt, smoke, cooking fumes and more. If you are like most homeowners in Playa del Rey, you will not think about cleaning your air ducts. That is because you won’t be able to do it and also the thought will not cross your mind. However, you needn’t worry, as you can depend on Organic Carpet Cleaning.

Green Air Duct Cleaning

We provide green air duct cleaning and this makes us a unique and innovative duct cleaner in Playa del Rey. Our cleaning experts use organic cleaning agents and compounds to thoroughly remove contaminants lurking in the duct system.

Our HVAC cleaning methods are safe and non-toxic. You never have to worry about residues, fumes and odors. Once you switch on the HVAC unit after our cleaning specialists finish, you will immediately notice a marked improvement in the indoor air quality.

We create the green air duct cleaners in-house using the best organic ingredients. These cleaners do not damage the air ducts or leave behind any residues. You also never have to contend with noxious fumes. Our cleaners are certified green by the U.S. EPA, making them safe for kids and pets. You can stay at home and watch while our experts clean out the air duct. Just don’t get a shock at the amount of dirt and contaminants that come out from the air duct system!

Air Duct Cleaning Playa del Rey

Thorough Air Duct Cleaning

We not only clean every single duct in your home, we also undertake dryer vent cleaning, evaporator coil cleaning and cleaning of any other HVAC component that has the tendency to collect dirt and dust.

Organic Carpet Cleaning ensures every single part of your HVAC unit is precisely and thoroughly cleaned. Our technicians are certified and licensed to undertake HVAC cleaning. They have the knowledge and expertise to clean the unit without causing any damage. So you can rest easy.

Flexible Service

We do realize you are busy and may not be home the whole day to schedule the cleaning. That is why for your convenience we provide after hours service. Just call us and let us know when you want us to come to you and our technicians will be at your doorstep that precise time. You never have to wait for our cleaning crew or make umpteen calls to our office to find out what time the cleaning crew will reach.

We have a 45-minute response time that allows us to reach any home in Playa del Rey and the surrounding areas quickly and promptly. Our crew comes with the necessary equipment, cleaners and tools to immediately start the cleaning process.

Air duct cleaning is a must if you want to maintain high indoor air quality. It will help you beat allergies and respiratory problems. In some cases, it may also prove to be useful for skin problems that result due to exposure to allergens. Contact Organic Carpet Cleaning today for the best green air duct cleaning service in Playa del Rey. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff are waiting for your call to tell you more about our cleaning methods and also answer your queries. You will love the service we provide, as we truly care about your health and wellbeing. Through our green air duct cleaning, we help you maintain cleaner and more hygienic living environment.

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